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Just Jump In

Posted by on November 16, 2013 in Blog, Featured, Portfolio | 4 comments

Just Jump In

Dreams and goals are important to us. And taking those first steps to achieve our dreams is sometimes the hardest part.  Whether it’s fear of starting, fear of failure, fear if it really is the right thing to do, all these fears hold us back.  I love the quote, “A head full of fears has no space for dreams.”  We’ve all heard quotes like this and something still holds us back.  I recently read to simply “Be the beginner.”  What that means to me, is it’s ok to not have everything figured out.  It’s ok to not know all the answers.  It’s ok for it to not be perfect.  With this mindset, it’s taking that first step to get the ball rolling.  And then figure things out.  Then make it your version of perfect along the way.  “Just Jump In!”  Especially if your gut is speaking to you that it is the right next steps for you, your goals, and your dreams.  If we remember this way of thinking daily…we can just jump in and keep moving towards those dreams, passions, and our purpose.

So swing like a child, be free of fear, and “Just Jump In”!


  1. Yes! Take the first step out onto the bridge and trust it will hold your weight. Only when you are in the arena of conflict can you react and make your next steps. Planning is a key component but no plan foresees everything, and then one has to trust your gut and persevere. Our primitive brains are our “gut” that we must trust. Learn to listen to it. It knows things well before our higher brains do. It has no capacity for language though, so you must be sensitive to the intuitions it is communicating.

    • So true!

  2. I love this post! “So swing like a child, be free of fear, and “Just Jump In” is such an important message! Xx

    • I value and appreciate your comment! ✫