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Go-to Place for Dreaming

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Go-to Place for Dreaming

Where is your Go-to place for Dreaming?

We all should have that special place to go where we are inspired to dream.  Where we feel alive, creative and at peace!  When we feel grounded and in tune with ourselves we are at our best to listen to our inner self to guide us.  There is a place for all of us that evokes that feeling.  It doesn’t have to be half way around the world.  It can be on a swing, on a trail, on a motorcycle, on a run, or at the beach.  For me, the beach is my go-to place!  All of my senses become aware – to the smell of the salt air, the sound of the ocean, the feel of sun on my skin and sand on my toes. I find myself able to focus, listen to my inner gut and see possibilities.  Clear my head so I can picture my dream board. And, that is what dream boards are about.  Seeing possibilities, envisioning them, and  then taking your next steps to get you there.

Research has even proven that places like the beach, mountains or waterfalls have negative ions which create positive vibes.  We all get so busy and find excuses why we don’t make the time for our go-to place and dreaming. Put a picture of your go-to place on a wall, in your room, on your dreamboard! As your reminder to spend time there to energize yourself for dreamful living. 

Where is your go-to place for dreamful living?



“Negative ions create positive vibes” Read here: www.webmd.com/balance/features/negative-ions-create-positive-vibes


  1. Keep the creative juices following Leeann.

    • My hopes!! Thank you.