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Your inner magnet! Where is it guiding you?

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Your inner magnet! Where is it guiding you?

What does your inner magnet draw you to?

We all have an inner magnet. That thing inside us that without explaining draws us towards people, things, places. Even our senses are part of our inner magnet. They draw us to food, smells, sights, sounds, things we want to touch. We all have a unique inner magnet! I believe our inner magnet is there to guide us. If we listen to it, there are reasons we are drawn towards something. Perhaps it’s direction to our passion and purpose. We need to listen to our magnet, let it guide us, then use our wisdom! That is the tricky part.

So how can you tell the difference between wisdom and practical reasoning as it relates to where your inner magnet takes you? If you start to justify…that is practical reasoning. If you feel solid in your direction as it relates to your magnet…that is wisdom.

Take quiet time everyday to listen and look out for the subtle signs that are around you. I like to say the word “possibilities” as my mantra. If we fight our inner magnet, we are unsettled and lost. When we truly listen to our inner magnet it can take us to our full potential, passion, and purpose for dreamful living everyday!

What is your inner magnet telling you?


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