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Create Balance For Your Dreams!

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Create Balance For Your Dreams!

A dreamboard can help direct you to your passion and purpose in life. And, with most things in life, we need balance! Your dreamboard should be a visual of your thoughts and what you want your life to look like.  Therefore, your dreamboard should be balanced for all aspects of the life you desire.

Each of us has unique thoughts and desires for our life. Your dreamboard should reflect those areas of your life.  An example life/balance of your dreamboard may contain the following areas of your life.

Family   Goals or Wishes   Healthy Living   Career

Love/Romance   Friends   Creativity or Hobbies   And, You!     

You are the center of your dreamboard and should reflect the way you see or would like to see yourself. Show you as you want to look, dress, act, and be. And, those areas of your life should be balanced with the importance you place within each of the different aspects of your life. There is no right or wrong list of areas or balance. You are the creator for your dreams. Your balance!

By setting your dreamboard up this way, some days you may find it helpful to focus on one aspect of your dreamboard/life at a time. And, it will help balance you and your dreamboard for dreamful living!


How will you create and balance your dreamful life?

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