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The Beauty Tree

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The Beauty Tree

There is a beach which is very grounding with all it’s natural elements. The beach is facing west with beautiful, white, fine sand. It is plentiful of weathered driftwood and rooted trees. This beach is hidden and easily visible at the same time. And, it somehow attracts visitors from all around the world. I myself call it “driftwood beach”. There is something magical about the location, spot, view, and most importantly the energy it exudes.

On this beach you can’t help but capture photos. I’ve sat at this beach for many grounding hours and it never ceases to amaze me that everyone is drawn to 3 particular trees for photos. I also notice how much people are drawn to touch and feel the energy of the trees. I could stand for hours in my yoga tree pose and feel the elements of wind, water, and earth all in the same moment. Even a bit of fire from the warm sunshine.

Couples, families, little girls skipping like sea fairies, fishermen, teens, models, lovers…they are all drawn to this magical spot.

One tree in particular invites people to have their photo taken with it—the beauty tree. They smile, hug, look beautiful, show love to each other, and then share that beauty with people all around the world via social media. And, if you look on the internet there are various trees that exude the same energy as “the beauty tree”. I can think of a particular one in the Bahamas, one in the Redwoods and I’m sure there are many others (see below).

Beauty Tree

What is it about these trees that draw people in and energize them?

Look at the fine details and see what stories the tree tells. It’s grains, markings, limb breakage that is absolutely not perfect, but beyond perfection at the same time. Look at how the sand changes over time to expose or hide different parts of the tree.

I wish I could hear the tree speak and listen to all the stories “the beauty tree” has seen.

Beauty Tree, thank you for all my peaceful moments! And, for all the energy and moments you have given to many.

༺༻ xxoo,Leann


ღ   What elements of earth help you with Dreamful Living everyday?

Beauty Tree Grains








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