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What’s Bubbling Up?

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What’s Bubbling Up?

At New Year’s many of us toasted to the new year, a new us, and new visions we have. You thought about your dreams and desires and toasted to them with bubbly champagne. Like many of us, sometimes we have MANY dreams and desires. Dreams about careers, goals, relationships, self development, etc. Do you ever feel that you have too many dreams and you need to focus? To give more attention to one dream at a time? And, if so, how do you decide?


I say sometimes, you need to let it flow and naturally let it bubble to the surface. If you’ve put your intentions to the universe and you’ve worked hard, sometimes we push so much that we don’t give ourselves or our ideas a chance. That certainly doesn’t mean we have to put dreams aside, but if we let the law of attraction work for us, sometimes we gently get nudged on next directions.


That requires us to really listen. Listen to ourselves, listen to our gut, listen to what’s happening around us so we don’t miss an opportunity by constantly pushing. And sometimes, that inner listening is the hardest part. We may have heard ourselves, but haven’t listened and acted on the right direction being given to us.


Ask. Believe. Receive. The law of attraction. The second part is critical as well. We must believe to receive. And in my opinion we must listen and be present to receive. Or we may miss what is right there for us.

So, what’s bubbling up for you?

Are you listening?

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