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Ladder to the Stars

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Ladder to the Stars

Do you have a ladder to the stars?

I taught a Character Education class to children for a number of years and one of the topics we covered was dreams as it relates to goals.  The children ranged in age from kindergarten to second grade.  We read a beautiful book called Dream by Susan V. Bosak.  Dream is a story that begins at the end of a rainbow with the Dream Chest, a magical portal between “what is” and “what can be.”  A wise old star emerges as your guide and asks, “What’s your dream?” The star depicts the journey of life as the story goes on a journey from baby, to childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  Absolutely amazing and detailed award winning illustrations visualize the story!

After the story one of the activities the children participated in was creating a ladder to the starsAn idea adapted from the Legacy Project, an organization connected to the book Dream.  The concept is simple.  Put your dream in the stars at the top of the paper and on the rungs of the ladder, list the steps it takes to get to your goal…your dream!  The reality of figuring out your dream is hard for some.  As we become adults, we get too practical and lose our child like ways to dream and that anything is possible. Maybe we stop listening to our gut.  We shouldn’t…it guides us if we truly listen.

I loved watching children do this exercise!  The popular goals were to be something when we grow up. Veterinarian, rock star, pro skateboarder, teacher etc…  I would melt inside when I heard a child ask me how they can have two goals.  So ask yourself, what was your dream as a child?  What element of that is still your passion?

 The next step of the exercise was to list out the steps to get there and fill out the rungs on the ladder.  I helped children with the first step/rung…read.  Guess what?  It is no different for anyone.  Almost any goal we want to accomplish we probably need more information and reading accomplishes that.  Our dreams to live a dreamful life can be anything truly important to us.  Big or small.  But the important thing is to listen to your gut answer and create your ladder to the stars?  What is on your first rung? What is on your star for dreamful living?



More information about Dream and The Legacy Project can be found here:  www.legacyproject.org/books/dream.html




  1. U really have a gift for putting words together

    • Thank you!

  2. You are amazing!!! So proud of you!!!

    • Thank you! :)

  3. Really lovely! Such a shame that we lose sight of our dreams as we get older.

    • Great lesson to teach our children now…

  4. What a wonderful gift to share with many. I had the honor of listening and learning along with the children the many wonderful life lessons you shared, three times! You not only taught them to be the best they can be but proud of themselves too. Thank you for sharing your talents with many children and me too. I think everyone will love reading your blog.

    • Thank you! I loved the 3 years with you and the character education experience!