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5 Lessons I Learned From Aerial Silks For A Dreamful Life

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5 Lessons I Learned From Aerial Silks For A Dreamful Life


I started aerial silks about a year and a half ago. I met some amazing people during a random photo shoot/bridge jumping excursion (that’s another fun story) and never imagined the amazing people I’d meet and the impact and lessons I’d learn from aerial silks and aerial yoga.




  1. The art of letting go

IMG_9069The first time I was taught aerial silks, I was taught how to do a trick that required me to hang upside down and simply let go! In theory it sounds easy, but you have to trust yourself, relax, and let go. I trusted my instructor and there I was hanging upside down, in a beautiful pose and then I truly “let go” and felt free. It was a pivotal moment for me as I hung upside suspended from a beautiful strong banyan tree. Outside — in nature —breathing and “Free”.

Just like the silks, your life is in your hands. No matter where you are now, no matter what has happened in your life, you can begin to consciously choose your thoughts and you can change your life. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. You can let go and start to dream and create new elements of your life every single moment.


  1. I have great beauty and light from within

Inner peace begins the moment you choose to not allow another person or event to control your emotions. We hear that quote but it’s a bit harder to live. If you always follow your heart, listen to your inner wisdom and trust yourself, your beauty and peace will radiate from within. And, you can create the dreamful life meant for you! It helps me to repeat: I am the magical beauty and light from within. “I am” are two powerful words and truly whatever we put after them is so powerful to create the life you dream of.


  1. When true friends reach out, you can fully trust

reach outAcro yoga and acro aerial yoga require strength and trust. Of those two, fear holds back our trust. True friends reach out when you are down or fearful and true friends have your back. For dreamful living, surround yourself with friends (your true tribe) and be all you can be. Friends help you see your magic when you can’t see yourself.  So hold onto those dear friends, appreciate them, be grateful for them and trust!


  1. Play is good for the soul

Joy and love are the highest energy of all. It’s magical to play and remember that possibilities exist everyday everywhere around us. The joy of playing like a carefree 10-year old reminds us that we can dream, believe and create. Just as we can create beautiful poses in the aerial silks, we can create beautiful amazing lives.


  1. A warrior can be feminine, beautiful & strong

Much like a warrior, we need our strength to fight battles. (Many times our own battles!) But strength comes in many different forms. A warrior is by definition, “a person experienced in conflict or battle.” We don’t have to let life harden us. A warrior can also be beautiful and feminine. To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others, you need to accept yourself. We can be feminine, beautiful, and a strong warrior leading us to our dreamful life!  “I am the Love and beauty of life in full expression. I am warrior.”  When you believe in yourself, the rest will fall into place.


full expression

Live life to the fullest! It’s not a dress rehearsal. It’s Dreamful Living!


Special thanks to Sam, leader of the warriors, Yev who brings forth the beauty for all to see, Tyrene who reminds me of my magic, April who embodies quiet strength, Marissa who reminded me to trust, Elizabeth who has my back forever, and Nowdla who taught me to dream again! And mom and dad, for creating me. Finally, I am inspired by my boys to be better everyday to be the best role model to live a dreamful life. Thank you!

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